a dream come to life

I have always loved fashion and seeing how people creatively express themselves through clothing. It is something that fascinates me. I love how truly different we all are! I originally started thinking about opening a shop in 2015 and then chickened out. Two years later, I finally got up the courage and went for it. I poured all of my money from my photography business into it and with a lot of encouragement from my husband, I jumped.

The hardest part was figured out a name that fit. A few months prior to opening Livy&Kate, I lost a baby during pregnancy: Oliva Kate. It didn't even occur to me to use her name until I dreamt about it. I knew without a doubt, that would be how I could always keep that sweet babe close. I registered my business that day and Livy&Kate was created. I LOVE when people ask where the name Livy&Kate originates from!

Opening a business has its challenges, but also many amazing opportunities for learning, growth and friendships. I am so grateful to each and every one of my amazing customers. Livy&Kate simply wouldn't be what it is without you. It is a place for HAPPINESS and being BEAUTIFULLY YOU no matter what size. That is something I strive to portray in my brand and I hope you can see that as well. Every peice is handpicked and styled by me and I really take care in making sure what you see is what you get.

Feel free to drop a message to any of my social media accounts and say hi! I personally respond on social media and would love to hear from you :)

XO, Aimee